Lisbon Collection Kit

Drawing your own geometric patterns has never been so fun and easy! Experience the joy of creation and relax with Formettes.

The 'Lisbon Collection' kit is specifically designed for crafting Portuguese azulejo patterns. Compact in size (15cm x 15cm), it easily fits into a handbag.

Formettes are designed and fully manufactured in Portugal. The kit is 100% recyclable.

Let Formettes inspire your creative projects. Discover how you can use your designs to personalize your decor or transfer them onto customizable objects.

Kit contents

    • 3 Formettes: Small, flexible plastic plates with various cut-out shapes that allow for easy drawing of geometric patterns, leading to numerous combinations from simple to complex. The edges of the Formettes are graduated and feature multiple printed markers, making them practical as a ruler. Their flexibility adapts to all surfaces, even curved ones
    • Step-by-Step Instruction Manual: A visually guided manual helps you get started with the Formettes.
      Tutorials: Available on the YouTube channel and at for those who need further guidance
    • Sketchbook: Includes about ten examples to color and blank pages to start drawing your own patterns.
    • Pencil and Eraser: To sketch your designs.

Everything is neatly packed in a printed cardboard pouch. The cardboard is made from recycled paper, and the pencil, manufactured in Portugal's only factory, is made from wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. The Formettes are made from recycled polypropylene (PP) and are recyclable.