The Concept

Easily draw your own patterns and bring your drawings to life.

Formettes are drawing templates featuring multiple cut-out shapes that allow you to easily create geometric patterns, leading to an infinite array of combinations from the simplest to the most complex. These initial shapes were inspired by the designs of azulejos: the ceramic tiles that give Lisbon its uniquely charming character.

Made from flexible, transparent, recyclable plastic, Formettes can adapt to rounded surfaces, making them incredibly practical for your creations.

Their markers assist in precise placement, allowing for regular and accurate tracing. The shapes come in various sizes to fit the dimensions of your chosen surfaces. You can use them on paper, canvas, wood, and more. As a tool for your DIY creations and interior decorations, Formettes will help you fulfill your creative desires.

3 formettes and pencil

Unlike traditional stencils, Formettes require the combination of shapes to create compositions, adding a layer of creative and educational value. This novel technique is suitable for everyone and can be used at home, with family, at school, or in professional settings such as textile design and graphic creation agencies.

Using Formettes enhances focus and develops methodological intelligences, including kinesthetic, visual-spatial, and logical-mathematical skills. Some users adopt Formettes as a meditative tool for crafting mandalas, which Carl Gustav Jung utilized as a therapeutic instrument.

The practice serves as a means to express feelings and thoughts, whether repressed or subconscious, making it valuable for therapists in art therapy. As a natural stress reliever, engaging with Formettes offers relaxation, well-being, immediate satisfaction, and self-esteem.

Get started with your first creations using our tutorials, and for coloring enthusiasts, download our patterns to begin your artistic journey.